Digital Readit Key Stage 2 Years 3 & 4

Digital Readit is available on an annual subscription basis which can be purchased using eLearning credits.

For users of Junior Librarian:

  • Individual Readit Subscriptions are £75 for the first year. £45 p.a. for ongoing subscribers.
  • The Complete Readit Package (including all 3 sets) is £150 for the first year. £99 p.a. for ongoing subscribers.

For none Junior Librarian users:

  • Individual Readit Subscriptions are £75. per set. The discount for all three sets and for year two onwards only applies to existing Junior Librarian users.

Subscriptions include a set of bookmarks and stickers where applicable.

Please fill in the form below and a representative from the sales team will contact you to discuss your order and which Digital Readits you wish to subscribe to.

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